Coastal Elite Cheer Academy & Club

Interested in our MEMBERSHIPS????

You can fill out the below form ahead of time (right-click & Save As to your computer) or stop into the office at your tumbler's 1st class and fill out our Membership Form!

​Make sure you SIGN-UP your tumbler for classes!!!

Coastal Elite reserves the right to change the monthly class schedule. While the days/times of classes may change the number of times per week a class is offered will not change

​Coastal Elite also reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment is low



1 Class per Week Monthly Membership -- $52 per Month
2 Classes per Week Monthly Membership -- $80 per Month

  • Monthly Membership Fees will be withdrawn by Automatic Withdrawal on the 1st of each month
  • A Credit/Debit Card must be on file with the gym office for your membership
  • ​Once your tumbler has mastered a skill (for example the cartwheel) then they will move into the next skill class​    (the walkover); the membership cost stays the same! All you have to do is pick the best day/time for the new skill class!

​​No Need to re-register for sessions with our monthly memberships!!!

***If you decide to discontinue your monthly membership, you must give Coastal Elite written notice via email 2 weeks prior before your next scheduled automatic withdrawal***