Coastal Elite Cheer Academy & Club


Toddler Tumble (ages 2 & 3) -- ​This is a tumble class designed for 2 & 3 year olds to learn balance, flexibility and beginning tumble skills such as a front roll while having fun! Games will be incorporated into the class to aid in the learning process.

Novice Beginner Tumble -- This class is geared towards preschoolers as well as members of our tiny novice cheer team. Coaches will teach students front roll techniques as well as jumps and flexibility. While there will be a greater focus on skills & techniques, coaches will keep using some of the same games used in previous classes to keep the class fun!

Cartwheels -- The focus in this class will be learning how to perform a proper cartwheel while building on the skills learned in previous classes.

Walkovers -- In our walkover class, students will learn how to execute both the front and back walkover (which is one of the main building blocks of tumbling). Coaches will also build upon students' existing tumble skills and flexibility.

Handsprings -- Once athletes have the fundamentals down, they are ready to start handsprings. Perfecting the handspring is a major milestone in tumbling and this class is designed just for that.  Prerequisites: unassisted backwalkover

Advanced Tumble -- This is the class for tumblers who are working on advanced tumble skills such as tucks, layouts and connecting these skills with existing skills. As in all of our tumble classes, coaches will work with their students to perfect their existing skills while helping them achieve new skills!

Flexibility Class -- This class is designed for increasing an athlete's flexibility using stretching & body positions.

Cheer Technique Class-- This class will focus on cheerleading techniques and fundamentals. Motions and jumps will be introduced and coaches will work with athletes with cheer tumbling.

Conditioning Class ​-- Our Conditioning class will help athletes prevent injury and stay in shape for their respective sports.